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About Me

Before becoming a Certified Massage Therapist, I was on the path to become a nurse. However, due to strenuous jobs and injuries I developed severe back pain and sciatica. Through serendipity I went down a rabbit hole for recovery and found great interest in the modalities of hands on healthcare. This is how I became an advocate for massage therapy and other fields along with the benefits behind them. At the height of my back pain, I couldn't walk more than 5 minutes without having to lean on a wall and rest because the sciatic pain was excruciating. When I first sought out healthcare all I was given were a multitude of pain pills which only masked the problem. I knew something had to change. I then sought out physical therapy, yoga, stretching techniques, physical exercise, foam rolling, TENS units, lacrosse balls on walls methods, decompression therapy, and massage therapy.
Seeing the variety of modalities and specialists involved in complementary healthcare drove my appreciation for this field. This is why I will always be on your team and look out for your best interests. 

Where did I go to school?

What's my style of massage and specialty?

I attended American College of Healthcare here in Riverside. Thanks to a science background and being a fan of anatomy and physiology, I was able to graduate with honors and a 4.0 GPA.

I would describe it as thorough. Taking the time to go through your health intake form and seeing would the best course of action would be. Discussing occupation and lifestyle to better understand your body mechanics and helping anyway I can. Since my background is in back pain, I've helped a number of people in office settings and heavy lifting careers as well. With techniques for relaxation and specific muscle issues, I'm able to help a multitude of conditions. If for any reason I find that I do not have the skills needed I jump at the chance to research issues, and beyond that I'm not afraid to refer you to another professional so you get the help you deserve.

Where is Reynosa Massage?

"Ivan is an AMAZING massage therapist! I am currently a Master in Nursing student from CBU and I developed tendonitis in both my arms. I work 12-hour shifts lifting and pulling patients up in bed and my arms & back started to hurt a lot. I also have a toddler that I carry. I literally could not write or type for weeks before I saw Ivan. After the first two sessions, I immediately felt a big difference in my arms. Today was my 11th session with Ivan and I can say that my arms are so much better. I can type and write again without pain. Ivan has a science background and he really understands his anatomy and physiology which is a huge plus when it comes to massaging the muscles and tendons of the body. I would HIGHLY recommend Ivan to any of my friends and family." - 
"Ivan is great. His work and skill show when he begins. You can tell he knows his stuff and is proud to know it. When I asked questions about my pains he answered all the questions with clearly knowledge; Ivan named the muscles, told me what movements to avoid, and what to practice so that I can avoid or reduce injury. Ivan maintained my comfort and held it at the utmost importance. He would ask to see if I was okay, or if he was pressing too hard or not hard enough. What took me by pleasant surprise was his softness. He was able to switch from firm and deep to soft on a moments notice. Ivan did not hold back on the product during the massage. I say this because I’ve been to other places where they apply creams and oils etc once and then that’s it. Ivan reapplies the product and makes sure the massaging stays smooth and tension free throughout, which ensures for an overall better massage. Additionally, his table and linens are super soft. I highly recommend him, he has me as a regular now, but you should go yourself and see what I’m talking about. You won’t be disappointed." -
"The most professional massage therapist I have come across; Mr. Reynosa carefully reviews every patients ailments and mends each muscle issue with delicate precision. Incredible pricing for a wonderful service, Ivan is someone who I will definitely be recommending" whether it be anyone with muscle issues, or who is simply looking for an oustanding massage!" - 

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